T.F.A.L. 5

The T.F.A.L. 5 Programme Overview



The T.F.A.L. 5 'TFAL Favur Ambjent Liberu' programme is delivered to year 5 students in Malta and Gozo. This educational programme is a continuation of the T.F.A.L. 3 Programme delivered to year 3 students. Both programmes are age-appropriate, providing information that is realistic, relevant, and reinforces positive social norms.


The T.F.A.L. 5 Programme aims to recognise students' strengths and to help students gain preventive skills by developing their full potential at an early age.

The programme incorporates five sessions: Peer Pressure, Decision Making, Self-Worth, and development of Coping Skills. It also offers an introduction to Addiction, Drugs, the Wise Use of Medicine, the Wise Use of Technology, and Gambling.  These sessions complement and reinforce prevention messages to the development of the psychological well-being of students. 


The T.F.A.L. 5 educational programme provides a context for enabling students to increase their knowledge and understanding of legal and illegal drugs and helps students explore attitudes and develop skills for making healthy, informed choices. These are supported by school values and an ethos developed by all members of the school community.


The sessions are delivered using a student-centered approach, by means of, a workbook, interactive online games and PowerPoint presentations. These techniques allow space for the development of communication skills, decision-making skills and other social skills that cover the information about drugs in a realistic context.


T.F.A.L. 5 Testimonials


"The sessions were very informative and the kids enjoyed participating in the different discussions arising from the above mentioned topics" - Paola Primary


“Very informative and necessary sessions about prevention. Pupils loved them and were looking forward to them every week. Well done!" - Zabbar Primary B

“Sessions were fruitful and as a teacher I got to know the students' background and concerns better through the discussions held by the Prevention Professional during the programme. Through her, I also learnt how to deal with certain students' questions which I myself would have found a bit difficult to answer." - St.Francis School Cospicua 

“The students learned a lot of useful information and what is important they learned the right information. Also, I think when the children hear about these things which exist and are present in our communities these addictions do not remain a taboo to talk about but become topics to learn about, educate ourselves about and discover that there is always help. What is important is that children know they can talk about these things so they can value the importance of their decisions every day. Highly recommend these sessions and a big thank you to the Prevention Professional for her wonderful, charismatic way to reach the children." – The Archbishop's Seminary

“Excellent sessions. These sessions foster pivotal life skills and values. Many thanks." – Birkirkara Primary

“A fantastic approach to children's life skills. I was impressed to see students carry on discussions after the sessions." – St. Catherine's School

“Very well-presented, and the children always looked forward to the sessions. Thank you!" – St. Michael's School

“Attending the T.F.A.L. 5 lessons was a very pleasant and educational experience.  The children bonded with the Prevention Professional and looked forward to every lesson.  They went as far to ask me if they could contact the Prevention Professional once the lessons were over if they felt the need to talk to her.  The lessons were interactive and enjoyable.  I myself attended all the sessions inspite of my very full schedule.  The Prevention Professional is very adept at instructing the students and kept the lessons flowing with the students very attentive and responsive for the entire session every time. – Ms. Josette Cassar - Head of School – Kirkop Primary


“These sessions surely increased knowledge and enhanced children's skills to protect themselves from any kind of addiction. All activities were suitable and effective. Thanks." – Safi Primary

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