Sedqa’s Addictions Community Team provides a tailor-made support service to individuals experiencing addiction-related difficulties, and to their significant others.  


The Addictions Community Team assists individuals to focus on their motivation to achieve their desired outcomes concerning addiction difficulties by offering information and advice. This team is also responsible for all community-based rehabilitation care plans. This is done through individualised strategies that include assessment intake, psychosocial interventions aimed at reducing the harmful effect of addictions, crisis interventions, harm reduction advice, advocacy, and further social work interventions as one’s situation may require. Services also include referrals to other FSWS services, liaison with medical, psychiatric and therapeutic services, as well as preparation for admission to residential services when this is a client’s best course for rehabilitation.  


The Addictions Community Team also assists clients with addiction problems who reside in local hospitals or are incarcerated, in order to offer a swift transition to rehabilitation services for those interested. Interventions are also aimed at supporting clients to concentrate on their life after the dependency, which is a crucial part of any rehabilitation plan, offering aftercare follow-up meetings and relapse prevention help.​