Court Service

The Court Services contribute to the implementation of the Drug Law Reform dated 15 April 2015 ‘Treatment not Imprisonment’ Chapter 537. FSWS employees occupy roles of Commissioner for Justice – Drugs Tribunal, Drug Offenders Rehabilitation Board coordinator, and psychotherapist who support clients who use this service. This service has proved crucial for many drug users, including minors. 

The Drugs Tribunal deals with all the persons caught with drug possession for personal use. These cases are dealt with individually, and each person’s needs are seen to accordingly. Second-time and even more frequent offenders are referred to the Drugs Tribunal Rehabilitation Board for care plans and follow-ups. Other offenders are also assisted by the Tribunal and consequent framework involved in the care for drug users. 


The Drug Offenders Rehabilitation Board works closely with the Courts, the Tribunal, and entities involved in recovery, and provides clients with a holistic approach to their difficulties. The coordinator monitors recovery closely and provides regular reports as required.