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Founded on the 26th June 1994, Aġenzija Sedqa was the response for an ever increasing need to organise and structure services in drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Malta. In early 1993, the then government had entrusted a committee led by Magistrate Dr Silvio Meli to evaluate the existing services in the field and come up with recommendations for a way forward. The Meli Report as it is commonly known was published in August 1993 and gave the impetus for the setting up of Aġenzija Sedqa as the national agency against drug and alcohol abuse.  

From its early years of inception Aġenzija Sedqa was entrusted to bring together preventive, medical and social services in the field under one entity ensuring a consolidated approach towards substance abuse. Throughout the past years, Aġenzija Sedqa continued to develop its service provision based on the emerging trends in the field with a strong public health approach.  Today, Aġenzija Sedqa offers a multitude of multi-disciplinary services all related to substance and behaviour addictions such as prevention services, community based rehabilitation programmes, residential rehabilitation services, therapeutic services, inpatient and outpatient medical services and also an opiate substitution treatment. 

Aġenzija Sedqa also collaborates with other institutions to offer the best possible care whilst ensuring that it reaches persons in need of help wherever they are.  

Aġenzija Sedqa remains committed to continue offering the best services possible in line with the latest emerging knowledge in the field through evidence-based practice.​

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