Prevention Service

Aġenzija Sedqa boasts a fully dedicated team of professionals for its Prevention Services. The team consist of 15 professionals, amongst which are social workers, youth workers, and psychology graduates. They offer services aimed at informing the general public as well as helping people to lead healthy lifestyles away from addictions. This is done through diverse programmes for different cohorts of the general population.  


The main aim of the service is to provide correct, clear, and age-appropriate information about alcohol and substance abuse, as well as gambling and other behaviours that​ could develop into addictions if left uncontrolled. The prevention service works to adapt its message to the changes in time to offer valid programmes.  


Within the educational sector, the Prevention Service offers three main programmes, namely T.F.A.L. 3 (Tfal Favur Ambjent Liberu), T.F.A.L. 5, and ‘Teen Outside the Box’ for students in Form 2 at the secondary level. Children who attend schools at the ages of seven, nine, and twelve participate in programmes aimed to prevent the early onset of addictive behaviours and character building throughout the crucial years before their youth days. 


The S.A.F.E. (Substance Abuse Free Employee) programme is Sedqa’s Prevention intervention at workplaces. Individuals’ substance abuse does not spare their employers and colleagues at work, especially when the​ addiction affects their productivity. This programme aims to help employees and employers alike to tackle addiction issues and help manage the impact on the workplace while aiming to help workers maintain their employment.  


The community outreach part of the service collaborates with entities within the community, including Scout groups, sports nurseries, and youth groups, amongst others. The service organises talks and workshops that discuss addictions and other character building-related subjects, which can help people avoid addictions. The Prevention service does this dissemination by attending to community-organised events such as those led by local councils. 


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