Substance Misuse Outpatient Unit – SMOPU (DETOX)

SMOPU, or as more commonly known, the Detox Centre, is situated at St Luke's Hospital. This is one of the services that Aġenzija Sedqa offers on a national level. The Detox centre aims to engage individuals with a substance misuse problem in low threshold interventions, whereby basic medical, social, and psychological needs are assessed, and the necessary assistance provided. For this reason, the team at SMOPU is made up of doctors, nurses, social workers, a pharmacist, as well as a visiting psychiatrist. An integral part of this service is harm minimisation.

Methadone maintenance to individuals with an opioid misuse problem is one of the most known services in this line, but other medical services and treatments are also offered to people suffering from other addictions or for medical issues arising as a consequence of substance abuse. To benefit from this service, individuals need to be referred from Aġenzija Sedqa's Addictions Community Services or any other NGO offering addiction-related services. An initial assessment is carried out, and then clients are referred to SMOPU, accordingly. ​